Tai Chi Chi Gong

"Meditation for the Mind, Body and Soul."


Also known as Tai Chi Chi Gong, Tai Qi Qi Gong / Gung, T'ai Chi & Qigong, TaiChido, or "The way of Tai Chi"

Learn Spontaneous Healing and Unleash your inner Energy through Master Ching Hui's All-In-One Meditation class.

Located in Seminole, Florida, whether you're on vacation, passing through town or a local to Pinellas County or Tampa, come take a trial class to see how you can dramatically improve your own health. Psychosomatic research in Psychology shows how learning to meditate on your own body has positive results:

  1. Fight against cancer / chemotherapy side effects and blood disorders
  2. Manage Stress and heart conditions
  3. Improve GI disorders
  4. Rehabilitate from Stroke
  5. Improve balance and ease Arthritis
  6. Come out of depression
  7. Strengthen your body so as to reduce Asthma and Sinus problems
  8. Keep Shingles at bay
  9. Slow down the process of Osteoporosis
  10. Improve the quality of sleep
  11. Ease blood pressure
  12. Improve and reduce chronic sinusitis
  13. Help rebuild your immune system
Here at the Center, our one-hour classes meet once a week. During the class, I teach Tai-Chi / Taiqi movement in its fundamental form, Chi-Gong / Qigong exerise to reroute your breathing pattern and meditation as a way to improve your mind and body connections. This is a unique 3-in-1 class, which deals directly with your energies, you will find it to be uniquely beneficial.
Master Ching Hui
(727) 342-0588
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Class Location:
Tai-Chi Chi-Gong Meditation 9018 Seminole Blvd., Seminole, Florida 33772 Google-Map it
Class Details:

Class is $120 for 4 sessions. The class size is small and private - it can be anywhere from zero to four people. We meet once a week for one hour. Class times are very flexible. If you would like to meet more often or skip a week, all you have to do is give advance notice.

Class Times:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am - 12:05pm
By Appointment Please Call or E-mail