Tai Chi Chi Gong

"Meditation for the Mind, Body and Soul."

Tai-Chi Chi-Gong Meditation / Taiqi Qigong

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What is Chi-Gong / Qigong ?

Chi-Gong / Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of physical movement to achieve higher levels of energy. This practice has been pursued by Buddhists, Taoists and martial art masters in China for more than a thousand years. Slow physical movements and the deep breathing system will make you fully relaxed. Once your mind is free from stress, you begin entering a state of meditation. During Chi-Gong practice, you achieve not only relaxation but you energize your body, like a low battery being charged with electric power. You will feel yourself being embraced by a universal life energy, which is so soft, warm, pleasant and joyful. Your fingers and feet will start tingling, your knees will feel warm and your chest completely relaxed. You are being annexed and charged by the most powerful universal life energy! This is a process of self-healing, also called natural healing by natural healers. Chinese Chi-Gong masters and its followers develop a special form of limb movements. This is why i prefer to call my Chi-Gong practice Chi-Gong therapy.

About Master Ching Hui

Master Ching Hui was born in China, and grew up in Hong Kong. She studied ancient Chinese philosophy in her early 20s with a special interest in the theory of Yin-Yang and I-Ching. Later, she learned Tai-Chi-Chuan / Taiqi Quan of the Yang style and Wu style, with a focus on their healing effects on human bodies. In mid 1990s she became an acquaintance with a Taoist Master, Tien-chen , from whom she learned the relationships between human beings and the universe, and how the cosmic rays affect our physical body.

Our body rhythm is governed by the laws of nature, as characterized by the laws of gravity and motion. The electromagnetic force, which is regarded as one of the basic forces of the universe by modern physicists, was defined as Chi by ancient Taoists. Through exercise and meditation, the Taoists are able to generate this chi in a form of an electromagnetic field, which encircles their bodies, renews, and nourishes them.

Master Ching Hui has studied and learnt this ancient art and done considerable research to give it a modern interpretation and form. She has practiced Chi-Gong for over 30 years and has adapted it to the movement of Tai Chi Chuan. In doing so, she transforms the pure physical exercise into the realm of body renewal and healing.

Her students learn to practice this unique innovation to benefit themselves. Master Ching Hui calls this style

The Cosmic Tai -Chi of Healing

Many sicknesses come from bacterial invasion of the human body, which for some is easily cured with the intake of antibiotics. On the other hand, an invasion from a viral attack, which cannot be cured via antibiotics, may have long lasting effects on the human body. These long lasting effects, which may not be completely healed, can lead to a lack of energy or body degeneration. In the same sense, physical injuries from an early age may lead to arthritis or chronic pains. Damaged tissue, which is presumably emitted out of our body in a natural manner, fails to do so. Instead, scar tissue is formed in organs or arteries, which ultimately leads to organ failure. The congruent pace of life, as we all know, contribute to stress and depression, which only aggravates the situation of our bodies. The body needs to be free of these obstacles, a condition that can be achieved by the meditative and soothing aspects of Chi -Gong Tai-Chi. Only when our bodies are allowed to take their natural course can they clear up the blockage and the debris that impede our health.

My objective is to teach you how to revive what is part of you -- it will lead to a healthier way of life.

Natural healing in animals

Animals are more in touch with their natural healing ability because they rely on their instincts for survival. New research demonstrates how they can sense the electromagnetic force of the universe, using a magnetic compass made possible by quantum entanglement. Through practice and self discovery during Tai Chi Chi Gong, we may also regain our connection with the universe and our body's own natural healing.