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Students' Reactions

Mar 27, 2007

I started CHI GUNG in Feb. of 2007 as a result of an ongoing case of SHINGLES, and no success with medication. After many painful months with no relief in sight, I started a MEDICATION REGIMEN which consisted of an Anti Depressant & a powerful pain medication. The side effects of this combination were so disastorous that I was only able to engage in this treatment for a few days. I resigned myself to the fact that possibly I may suffer for the rest of my life with the pain of Shingles. They had been with me since Mid 2004.

In late Feb. of 2007, I came to Florida on my annual vacation and through a Friend, I met Master Ching and decided to study/practice CHI GONG. I studied with Master Ching on a daily basis until the end of March 2007. Within the first week I was able to notice several changes.

I want to mention that in addittion to Shingles, I have had double knee replacement, left shoulder surgery, and back fusion, and painful hip I currently I am 72 years young.

Some of the immediate changes were a decrease in hip and back pain. I want to also add these changes were sudden and dramatic. My breathing became more regular as a result of finally understanding HOW to breathe and my chest congestion also dramatically improved. Although I still had the Shingles pain, there was a vast improvement in the duration and regularity, and intensity. Master Ching advised that if I were to continue to practice CHI GONG on a daily basis that my Shingles Condition would continue to improve. I have absolute FAITH as a result of the past 6 weeks that I have found not only Pain relief but an enhancement of my Spiritual Life with the newfound knowledge provided by the practice of CHI GONG and the Wisdom of Master Ching.

May 2007 Update:
Upon his return back to Boston, his hometown, Harrold feels like a new person. He practices Tai Chi Chi Gong everyday and no longer feels any pain.

Mar 12, 2007

I started training in CHI GONG with Master Ching in late Jan. of 2007. My SIFU Brian Spiegel suggested this form of Self Healing and understanding of my Inner Energy would be helpful. I study a Martial Art under SIFU Spiegel called Wing Chun and understanding your energy is one of the essential components. It was with that in mind, I came to Master Ching.

In retrospect, it was with a limited perspective that I started to train in Chi Gong. What I mean by that is that Chi Gong has offered much more. Concerning my original motive, my Martial Art Wing Chun, my SIFU called me recently to tell me that he was very pleased with how I had progressed. Not only technically, but my endurance and concentration. If Chi Gong had offered me only that I would have been satisfied.

I suffer from Emphysema and breathing normally was a problem for me. I had inflammation in my Right lung area and it had become a chronic pain. Using Chi Gong I have rid my body of that pain and I have improved my breathing dramatically. These were both things that Master Ching told me would occurr. In conjunction with Chi Gong Exercises, regular exercise and diet, I have lost 25lbs..

My words about what has happened to me Spiritually will fall short was I have been overwhelmed by what the daily practice of Chi Gong exercise and meditation has done in just such a short amount of time. I have experienced a new richness in my life, that heretofore happened only to others.

My final words about Master Ching. She has led me on this new journey with absolute Humility. No agendas other than my personal welfare. It is with anticipation that I continue in Chi Gong and I offer my own personal experience of Hope and Encouragement for those of you who may be interested as I was.


David Patterson

April 2007

When my student Mary came to see me she told me about her condition. She had liver cancer that spread to her lungs. She had 5 different kinds of chemotherapy, with only 6 months to live. Her lower abdomen was swollen. She was low in energy, and could barely walk from the parking lot to my office. I told her that Chi-Gong is extremely effective in increasing the number of hemoglobin and helps to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy by making the stomach feel better and able to eat. Mary agreed to take lessons with me. After 3 weeks, her blood hemoglobin number increased substantially. She regained so much energy she was able to start walking her dogs. Her lower abdomen shrank 1.5 inches.